The Dosage Importance

It’s very important for those who want to use steroids how to take the oral anabolic steroids. As an example, if we discuss about the daily or weekly dosing, then there would be certainly a difference of effects.

If you take 50 mg of Dianabol after you eat your breakfast, you will have a period of 5 or 6 hours in which your blood level will be higher than if you take 5 pills of 10 mg of Dianabol per day.

However, this will only happen at the beginning of the day, because for the rest of the day the levels of blood will be lower, and that’s why it’s better to take multiple-dosing than a single dose daily.

The Effects of Multiple Types of Dosing:

One of the reasons why the 10 mg dosage is more effective than the 50 mg dosage is because you don’t take the pills at once.

For example, you can take one pill after you eat your breakfast, one between breakfast and lunch, one after the lunch, one between lunch and dinner and the last pill will be taken after you finish your dinner.

That’s how you keep your blood level at a higher level for the whole day, and you can workout longer, and the effects will appear sooner. Both of the dosing plans are having the same effect on the blood level during the morning, but the once-daily dosage is not as effective as the multiple-daily dosage for the rest of the day.

Types of Anabolic Steroids:

There are also other anabolic steroids which can be taken orally and they have a longer effect, which means that steroids such as Anavar,Anadrol or Winstrol should not be taken as frequently as Dianabol. As an example, two or three pills of Anavar per day will offer almost the same effect as Dianabol, or even a better one.

Difference Between the Weekly And Daily Dosing:

Those who are at the beginning of their training are taking oral pills only two or three times per week, but during a day they take multiple pills. This method is quite wrong, because the body will feel the lack of energy during the days in which is not getting the pills. That’s why it’s better to take anabolic steroids everyday.

There are also other people who are only taking the anabolic pills when they workout or train, and for the rest of the week, they prefer to inject steroids rather than following a treatment based only on pills. This method is also good, because the results are also appearing faster when injecting steroids, especially if you also take your anabolic treatment from time to time.

However, for a healthy development of the body, the pills should be taken everyday for the whole period of training.


Timing oral steroids dependents on the stack you use and usually there are two possibilities:

-If the injectables are the base, then orals are taken once up to 3 times a week after workout to keep anabolism low.

-If the steroid stack depends on oral steroids then their use is recommended daily divided into before,after workout, before or after meals  or other timing you may consider suitable for you.

Daily usage in lower dosage of oral steroid is proved more effective for cutting purpose. However, a very close attention has to be paid to dosage to prevent liver from harsh effects.

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