Knowing the great effects injectable steroids have on increasing muscle mass and burning fat while causing little to none side effects, it becomes clear why women want to use them too. That’s why the question of the most optimal injectable steroid dosage to use throughout a week got our attention too and we decided to share our thoughts on this matter.

So, what are the lowest dosage of injectable steroids known to cause virilization and what’s the best approach of cycling it?

First and foremost, when it comes to virilization issues, women’s reactions to the same administrated doses is quite individual. Some can experience voice deepening from as much as 5 mg Dianabol or from 50 mg of Deca, which is quite low compared with 50mg per day men use to shot daily.

There were cases when hirsutism (facial or chest hair growth) occurred even when lowest dosage have been administered. This fact leads to the idea that these effects are worsened by the natural changes that take place in women body. What we have in most cases is that testosterone level is higher before starting supplementation.

If we know that Dianabol and Deca Durabolin are widely susceptible of virilization, than what other injectables are still a good idea to use? The first in our list comes Testosterone esters, followed by Primobolan or Masteron. They will provide with appreciable gains, but you will have to still keep a close eye on any changes in your voice.

 How much Testosterone should a woman inject?

Since we refer here to regular women, a dosage of 10 mg of Test Enanthate or cypionate should be enough for improving your physique. In the case of female bodybuilders, weekly dosage can be increased to up to 50 mg, or even 100 mg. Yeap, it’s quite much and the results can be very impressive. But so can be irreversible changes, such as deepening of the voice, facial and body hair growth, baldness, clitoris enlargement or even possible decrease of breasts.

Our advice is to start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase it week after week. Ceasing steroid use if any problems are detected is the best way to keep you safe while cycling steroids. The good news is that this is not the end. Allow you body time to recover and within weeks or months, you can retry injecting the same anabolic (test in our case) or another compound very similar to it.

How much Primobolan should women inject?

Primobolan is the second choice for any women out there willing to give their bodies a more muscular look. Going with the 10 mg of Primobolan Depot per week is the gold path to follow. Go with higher dosage only if you have used AAS before and you know your body reactions to supplementation.

What’s the most normal dose of Masteron for a female?

As  in case of test and Primobolan, a 10 gr of Masteron per week for women that have never supplement before works great. As for experienced female bodybuilders, dosage can be increased to up to 100mg a week split into 2 shots at 50 mg each dose. For how long? 4 weeks length cycle is more than enough, while in case you get ready for a contest, you can go with 6 or even 8 weeks

Is a PCT required in case of women?  Nope, in most of the cases the amount of used steroid is too low to be able to shut down test production as it happens in men. In worst scenarios, when you will need to bring levels of estrogen to normal limits – Clomid  is our recommendation.


Everything has to be used in accordance to individual particularities: experience with using AAS, previous body reactions, the proneness to some of the diseases we know test, Primobolan or Masteron will make even worse. For a regular woman, who strive to add 5-10 lbs of muscle mass and burn fat away, sticking to 10 gr of either Testosterone, Primobolan or Masteron is the safest option. Anything higher than 50gr a week of any of these drugs definitely target experienced female bodybuilders.