Countless men (and even some women) report abnormally fast hair loss while using anabolic steroids. While several studies have looked at the link between steroids and hair loss, much is still unknown. Fortunately, there is some information out there that can help you decide whether hair loss is a factor for you.

How Do Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

Several studies have looked into the mechanisms by which anabolic steroids cause the progression of hair loss, and they point directly to a substance known as DHT. Your body converts some of the exogenous testosterone you use into DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, via an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase (5AR). Over time, this DHT builds up in your system. Studies on the effects of steroids on the hairline show that DHT actually binds to certain receptors in hair follicles, causing the hair loss.

Which Steroids Cause It?

Unfortunately, almost every single anabolic steroid on the market converts to DHT at rates ranging from extremely slow to extremely fast. All of the variants of testosterone readily convert to DHT, and derivatives of testosterone (almost every anabolic steroid known to man) do, too. In fact,Anadrol and Winstrol are very similar to DHT, and they do not need the 5AR enzyme to convert to DHT. They simply bind directly to the hair follicles. Deca Durabolin is usually the safest option for men concerned about hair loss since this steroid converts to DHN (dihydronandrolone) instead of DHT.

Who Is at Risk?

Shockingly enough, the same studies that show the mechanisms by which anabolic steroids can lead to hair loss also point out that only men who are predisposed to male pattern baldness should worry. This simply means that if men in your family are bald, there is a very good chance that using anabolic steroids will cause your hairline to recede – and quickly, at that. However, if your father, your grandfather, your great-grandfather, your uncles and your brothers all have a full head of thick hair, then you probably have nothing at all to worry about, even with Winstrol or Anadrol.

Can Users Prevent Hair Loss?

Although the jury is still out on whether certain products can protect anabolic steroid users from hair loss, there are two different products that athletes and bodybuilders recommend. The first, finasteride, is a prescription medication given to men who experience male pattern baldness. It blocks the DHT and stops it from binding to receptors in the follicles. Another is nizoral shampoo (for dandruff), which many believe helps to stop the process at the scalp rather than through the bloodstream. Some men also use Rogaine twice per day throughout their cycles. No studies yet exist to determine whether these products actually work, but many athletes swear by them.

Although there are some precautions you can take, there are no guarantees and for most men when use anabolic steroids, once the hair is gone, it is gone.And now bald men are more attractive to women,so hair loss is not the end of world.