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Factors to consider for staying safe with steroids use:

  1. Asses your experience as a bodybuilder and a steroid user. If you are younger than 20 years old and have less than one year of gym experience than steroids are not for you yet. Steroids usage in young people may confine their psychological and physical development. Also, steroids do not build muscle alone. You have to follow a special training program where lifting weights is a must.
    If you are out of this category, than you can try steroids for bulking or cutting purpose. Testosterone is the everyone steroid to begin your cycle steroid. It works great and has no side effects.
    2. Make sure you are well educated about stacking and cycling.If you know how to mix steroids and for how long time to take them, than most probably you use them safely. The most errors with steroids consumption come from user ignorance. If you take any other drug and use them blindly, then surely you get some underinsured side effects. So, be careful with steroids consumption as you are with any other drug.
    3. Pay attention to your body signs. Steroids do cause a series of side effects, but the good news is that they disappear once you discontinue steroids use. Thus if there are signs that worry, just cease steroids use and let your body get to normal stage. Such side effect as gynecomastia is the most feared by men. It worsens when user continue to take steroids in spite of visible signs. Another reasons for this may be missing the antiestrogens or aromatase inhibitors use. They help the body to keep the estrogen level in normal limits. Estrogens are female hormones present in men muscle too. When estrogen level goes too low occurs the risk of developing those bitch tits (gynecomastia).
    4. Check you predisposition to some diseases. Oral steroids are toxic for liver, since they contain a substance which block the excretory function of the liver. By doing so, oral steroids are able to get into bloodstream, otherwise they would be destroyed by liver enzymes. Therefore, if you have live issues is better to leave the idea of taking any oral. Mild injectable steroids can be a good alternative, if you do not fear needless.

Steroids are not bad 100%. This can be said about any other drug in this world. If used properly, anabolics give you big gains in muscle mass and strength without damaging your health. But they threaten your health once you misuse them. So, keep common sense when running a steroids cycle and enjoy.