Like all anabolic steroids, there is no one Deca Durabolin dosage that works for all bodies. Some people tolerate certain steroids better than others, so each time you try something new, it is important to take the time to titrate the dose until you find the optimal amount for your needs.

The “Average” Dose for Performance Enhancement

Of course, in order to decide what sort of Deca dose will work best for you, it helps to have an average figure. During bulking cycles, where Deca use is most prevalent, the average dose is between 300mg and 400mg per week. However, some men, and particularly those who have a lot of experience with anabolic steroids, use as much as 600mg per week. What’s more, kicking off a cutting cycle with a Deca Durabolin dosage between 200mg and 300mg per week can also provide incredible strength and muscle mass retention. Deca offers pain relief for the joints and the muscles alike during these cycles, too.

How Much is Too Much?

According to expert steroid users, 400mg per week is more than most people need during bulking cycles. The very small percentage of people who boost that Deca Durabolin dosage up to 600mg per week are those who have a slower response to steroids and who need more in order to produce the same results. Even with all of this in mind, everyone’s tolerance is different. While your gym mate might be able to take 400mg per week with no problem, you might only be able to handle 300mg per week without experiencing serious side effects.

Where to Start your Deca Durabolin Dosage

If you have never used Deca before, you should pair it only with testosterone. (If you have never used testosterone for performance enhancement, you should try a test-only cycle before running Deca.) Then, start with a relatively low Deca Durabolin dosage of 100mg for the first week. The second week, up the dose to 200mg. Finally, for the third week, increase the dose to 300mg and hold it there for a few weeks. If you do not see (or feel) the results you expected, go ahead and increase to 400mg – but never exceed 400mg per week for your first cycle. Your total cycle length should never exceed 16 weeks, and 12 weeks is a great starting point.

If Things Get Bothersome

If you start to notice side effects, such as the beginning stages of gynecomastia, excessive water retention, or high blood pressure despite using anti-estrogen medications to prevent them, then your Deca Durabolin dosage is likely too high for your body. Just as you titrated your dose upward, begin to titrate back down if you notice these bothersome side effects. As an example, if you were taking four 100mg doses per week, use four 75mg doses per week, instead. This will shave 100mg per week off of your overall dose, and you should notice a difference. If not, go down to three 75mg doses per week.
All in all, while 400mg is the average dose when it comes to performance enhancement, not all men can tolerate this much – and a few need significantly more. Carefully measure your Deca Durabolin dosage and be sure to increase it slowly but steadily at first until you discover the amount that is right for you.