Many of those who’re going to start bodybuilding would consider this question: How long will I see the obvious changes in my body? Will it take a long time? Today I’ll explain to you such questions.

Generally speaking, bodybuilders can be divided into two groups:

  1. Those who want to build muscle.
  2. Those who want to burn fat.

To those who want to build muscles, it’s impossible that your muscle latitude changes a lot in the first month. There is no training plan that could make a beginner’s muscle latitude increase a few centimeters in the first month. The most important thing you should do in the first cycle is to increase your ability in overall metabolism, thus you intake more energy and increase strength. The most outstanding thing you can achieve is: your appetite increases a lot and you’re more powerful than last month, this will lay the foundation for your next month training. Your muscle latitude will have obvious change in the second month. As to how much you can achieve, it has something to do with your diet and individual physic.

Summing up the above:

  1. Changes in increasing appetite can be seen within a week.
  2. Changes in increasing strength can be seen within a month.
  3. Changes in your muscle latitude can be seen within 3 moths.

To those who want to burn fat, there are too many uncontrollable affections. The intake of calories, fat, the strength, time, types of training are all affections. One cannot pay enough attention to all these, which leads to different efficiency of burning fat. Those who have the highest efficiency can loss 5 kg in a month and those who have the lowest efficiency add weight instead.

 Summing up the above:

  1. Controlling all the affections, you can see result within one month.
  2. The time to see obvious changes is varies from different people, normally between 2-3 months.

Lots of cases tell us that: If you want ideal results, you have to keep going. If you want to see results in a few weeks or even a few days, that’s impossible!