There are all sorts of different steroids out there offering to help individuals improve upon their body appearance and boost not only strength but muscle size, such as Winstrol. Anavar benefits have made it one of the most popular steroids on the market today due to its ability to boost some muscle growth while also cutting down on body fat.

All of this has proven to be extremely desirable for most users, so anyone considering starting up a cycle of Anavar needs to be familiar with the potential Anavar benefits of the steroid as well as the possible risks as well.

Anavar Benefits

The benefits of Anavar are rather straightforward. For starters, the drug is able to cut down on fatty storage build up around the body. It especially focuses on the midsection, which is a common fat storage area for most individuals. It can also burn through fatty tissue in other common storage areas such as the upper legs and back. While everyone stores fat differently in his or her body, the steroid should prove especially helpful when it comes to this.

Beyond just fat storage burning, the Anavar benefits include building lean, cut muscle. A user of the steroid is not going to bulk up like they might with other steroids, so for someone who wants to gain massive size and power, Anavar is not the steroid for them. Instead, it is going to help stimulate some muscle growth but, for the most part, it is instead focused in on providing defined, cut muscle that has a bit of growth to it. Anadrol is a better steroid for the sheer size and power that bodybuilders or weight lifters are probably going for.

Women who want to gain muscle while lifting can take Anavar, as it can prove helpful for this practice. In order to ensure muscle development and growth, increasing the dosage amount during a cycle is necessary. Most women can usually take around 20 mg a day and see desirable results of a cut body and desirable muscle definition. However, altering the dosage up to around 50 mg should prove to help boost muscle production.

Changing the dosage amount and experimenting with the total dosage may prove necessary in obtaining the desirable growth. Either way, either men or women using the steroid should not exceed taking the steroid for six week in a row.

Before and After Results

The steroid is not going to work overnight, but a user should see Anavar benefits and results within a few weeks. Monitoring weekly reports is a desirable way to see exactly what sort of results are obtained. A weekly photograph is a good idea to keep you motivated with before and after shots, as is taking notes on the dosage amount, especially if the individual is changing their dosage from week to week. For anyone who is new to Anavar, it might take a few weeks to alter the dosage until reaching the set amount that is best for his or her desired gains.

At the conclusion of the six-week cycle for men (it is possible to go two weeks on, two weeks of when stacking with other steroids and supplements, but when taking the steroid on its own it is usually best to go on six weeks straight and then a month off), the individual should see rather impressive results and benefits. First, there should be a substantial amount of fat loss around the midsection and around the upper body. The user should also see some muscle growth and more definition in not only the arms and shoulders but the abdominal section as well.


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Advanced Intermediate Steroid Cycles with anavar:



Testosterone-Propionate Equipoise Trenbolone-Acetate Dianabol Anavar Arimidex  
1 125/eod 400mg   20mg/ed   0.5mg/ed  
2 125/eod 400mg   20mg/ed   0.5mg/ed  
3 125/eod 400mg   20mg/ed   0.5mg/ed  
4 125/eod 400mg   20mg/ed   0.5mg/ed  
5 125/eod 400mg       0.5mg/ed  
6 125/eod 400mg       0.5mg/ed  
7 125/eod 400mg 50mg/eod   50mg/ed 0.5mg/ed  
8 125/eod 400mg 50mg/eod   50mg/ed 0.5mg/ed  
9 125/eod   50mg/eod   50mg/ed 0.5mg/ed  
10 125/eod   50mg/eod   50mg/ed 0.5mg/ed  
11 125/eod   50mg/eod   50mg/ed 0.5mg/ed  
12 125/eod   50mg/eod   50mg/ed 0.5mg/ed