All the bodybuilders you see on the Mr. Olympia stage are on steroids— believe that. It’s gotten them to where they are. These are the five best steroids for bodybuilders.

1.Testosterone Suspension

Test is the best drug that bodybuilder can get. When it comes to strength gains, suspension is the best form of testosterone due to its fast acting because of the lack of ester in it. Taking it is like taking testosterone in water. The only drawback to testosterone suspension is, due to its short half-life, it has to be taken daily.

 2.Trenbolone Acetate

Tren is a very potent steroid and is three times more effective than testosterone. It’s a goldmine for athletes to increase their strength and power output within the first week. Another benefit of taking trenbolone is that it doesn’t cause water retention. This means you will pack on lean, dense muscle and your strength gains will be bang on, too. Some athletes prefer taking trenbolone every day, its short ester means it can be taken every-other-day. You also need to make sure you balance the ratio of your dosage of testosterone meanwhile taking tren.


Nandrolone is well known for being one of the best off-season bulking agents for steroid users. It is also a favorite among athletes for its healing and recovery benefits. Strength should also increase to a degree, although this steroid isn’t well known for being a strong strength promoter. For the off-season athlete he will also enjoy the recovery and therapeutic benefits that are provided. This is important as off-season training is normally the time when the heaviest weights are used. The user will also find that he should be able to gain more size with less body fat than he would without Nandrolone use due to the positive impact the steroid will have on the metabolism.


The effects of Masteron will be displayed in the most efficient way during a cutting cycle.This is why the hormone will most commonly be found at the end of bodybuilding contest prep cycles. The added Masteron will help him lose that last bit of fat that often hangs on for dear life at the end of a cycle. It will also ensure his physique appears as hard as can be. Of course, the anti-estrogenic effect will simply enhance this overall look. For those that are not competitive bodybuilder lean, it is possible that the effects of Masteron may not be all that noticeable.


Dianabol was one of the first steroids ever developed and used by bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Its popularity rests on the fact that it is very easily administered and provides solid, long-lasting results. When Dbol is present in the bloodstream, there is a notable increase in insulin. When Dbol is administered during periods of extreme stress, Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is synthesized, which brings about lower levels of stress, increased appetite, a relaxed feeling and sounder sleep.

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