What is Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate)?

Equipoise has a very long undecylenate ester chain. This ester chain makes boldenone very oil soluble, to the point where in its’ raw form, before being suspended in oil, boldenone undecylenate is already a sort of oily substance with the consistency of syrup. Enzymes in your liver will eventually cleave off the ester chain from the boldenone hormone, finally setting it free so that it can interact with androgen receptors in your muscle cells.

What is the half-life of boldenone undecylenate?

Boldenone has a very long half-life, 14 day. In addition, it can remain in the body for months or even years and is, therefore, not recommended for use during active sports seasons as the user is sure to test positive.

How to use Equipoise? What dosages to use?

Equipoise is used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase endurance, muscle mass and the production of red blood cells in the body. It is best known for providing slow but steady gains during bulking cycles (usually called the EQgains). EQ can be used in dosages ranging from 200mg to 600mg per week for as long as 12 weeks.

In recent years, equipoise has become a favorite among powerlifters and is considered by coaches as an ideal replacement for deca durabolin. This is primarily because the quality of muscle mass and strength gains that are experienced while on equipoise happen without the nasty side effects of deca. Also, EQ has a positive effect on the circulation of blood in the body; allowing for maximum blood flood to muscles during intense training sessions.

For men, the average dose is 400-600mgs per week, but I’ve seen guys go up to 1000mgs per week as long as cycle aids were used.

For women, the average dose is 25-50mgs per week, but you have to be very careful. If you see heavy side effects, discontinue EQ or lower dosages.

Equipoise Cycles:

Equipoise has been known to increase ones appetite which can be very beneficial during a bulking cycle.

A typical bulking cycle which involves this steroid would look like this:

Weeks 1 to 10 – 500mg Testosterone Cypionate

Weeks 1 to 10 – 300mg Equipoise

weeks 1 to 4 – 30mg Dianabol Daily

Pct usually starts 4 weeks after the last injection as Equipoise has a long half life. The above cycle is just an example and will vary in dosages and length depending on the persons experience with steroids etc… The Testosterone can also be swapped with a different ester such as Testosterone Enanthate or Propionate, however with Propionate you would need to inject more frequently due to its short half life.


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